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June 27, 2024

Top 5 Activities to Enjoy at Finz Resort

Nestled on the beautiful shores of Shuswap Lake, Finz Resort is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike. Whether you're looking to get out on the water, explore local trails, or simply unwind with great food and stunning views, Finz Resort has something for everyone. Here are the top five activities to enjoy during your stay at this lakeside paradise.

1. Rent a Boat and Explore Shuswap Lake

One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of Shuswap Lake is from the water. At Finz Resort, you can rent a boat and set off on an adventure. Cruise along the crystal-clear waters, find a secluded spot for a swim, or head over to Copper Island, a popular destination for boaters. The island offers hiking trails and spectacular viewpoints, making it a perfect spot for a day trip.

2. Savor Delicious Meals at Finz Resort Bar and Grill

After a day of exploring, there's nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal at the Finz Resort Bar and Grill. With a menu that features fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, there's something to satisfy every palate. Indulge in seafood specialties, gourmet burgers, and refreshing salads, all while taking in the stunning lake views from the patio. Don't forget to try one of the signature cocktails or local craft beers!

3. Hit the Trails: Popular Hikes in the Local Area

For those who love hiking, the Shuswap region offers an array of scenic trails suitable for all levels. Here are some popular hikes you won't want to miss:

  • Margaret Falls: Located in Herald Provincial Park, this short, easy hike takes you through a lush forest to the stunning Margaret Falls. The trail is well-maintained and perfect for families.
  • Copper Island Trail: Accessible by boat, this moderate hike takes you around Copper Island, offering breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The loop trail is approximately 2.8 kilometers and is well worth the effort.
  • Scotch Creek Hike and Bike Path: This multi-use trail is great for a leisurely walk or bike ride. It runs parallel to the lake, providing lovely views and easy access to various beaches and picnic spots.
  • Mount Ida: For a more challenging adventure, the hike up Mount Ida offers rewarding panoramic views of the Shuswap region. The trail is steep and rugged, making it ideal for experienced hikers looking for a workout.

4. Enjoy a Day on the Beach

Finz Resort boasts a beautiful sandy beach, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or building sandcastles with the kids. The shallow, warm waters of Shuswap Lake are ideal for a refreshing dip. Pack a picnic and spend the day lounging by the water, or take advantage of the resort's amenities, such as beach volleyball courts and kayak rentals.

5. Camp Under the Stars

There's something magical about spending a night under the stars, and Finz Resort offers fantastic camping options. Whether you prefer tent camping or the convenience of an RV, you'll find well-equipped sites with all the necessary amenities. Enjoy a campfire, roast marshmallows, and fall asleep to the gentle sounds of the lake. For those looking for a bit more comfort, the resort also offers cozy cabins with all the modern conveniences.


Finz Resort is more than just a place to stay; it's a destination filled with opportunities for adventure, relaxation, and making lasting memories. Whether you're renting a boat, hiking local trails, enjoying a meal at the bar and grill, relaxing on the beach, or camping under the stars, there's something for everyone at Finz Resort. Plan your visit today and discover the best that Shuswap Lake has to offer.

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